An LED Light-Hearted Performance at GCT

Grand Central Terminal had a grand centennial last week as it was treated to an LED light show by Improv Everywhere! 135 participants took over three floors of catwalks lining the west wall of the concourse. Clad in black, with a color-changing LED flashlight in each hand, the Improv-ers performed a choreographed dance to a prerecorded narrator via wireless speakers.

Tools of the trade. Image via Improv Everywhere.

Image via Improv Everywhere.

GCT commuters and outside passersby on Vanderbilt Avenue were captivated by the dancing red, green and white LED lights. This wasn’t Improv Everywhere’s first performance in the iconic terminal; six years ago the merry pranksters charmed and confused the public with Frozen Grand Central.

Read more about how Improv Everywhere pulled this off at their site. Want to put on your own LED light show but don’t have 270 flashlights and 134 other friends? Check out our color changing, programmable LED wall washers and our DMX RGB LED controllers!

Plug & Play LED Lights

Joining the LED Revolution doesn’t need to be difficult. At LED Waves, we try to make it easy by offering direct retrofit replacements for existing light sources. And where there is no light in place, all you need is an electrical outlet for these plug & play LED lamps!

Make your outlets smile!

The LED Linear Down Light is similar to a fluorescent tube in terms of light output and “throw” but it sets itself apart with low energy consumption, no mercury in fragile glass, and a much longer lifespan. Available in 22”, 33 ¾” and 45 5/8” units; in Warm, Neutral or Cool white, each LED Linear Down Light comes with everything you need for simple installation on a wall or ceiling. Up to eight can be used in parallel off of one outlet.

Need outdoor lighting? Our LED Wall Washers are a great low energy/high impact solution. The Model E is especially versatile, as it comes in 4 different sizes (17.3”, 22.8”, 33” and 44”) and 3 beam angles (15°, 30°, 45°) each DMX-ready with RGB LEDs. Landscape lighting has never been easier – or better looking.

Give us a call at 1(800) 986-0169 with any questions about custom project, special pricing, and technical specs. The decision to adopt any new technology isn’t always an easy one. So once you want to take your lights to the next level, our team is always happy to take it from there!

Earth Month: Putting the G in RGB LED Lights

April is Earth Month, and while that means it’s officially only 30 days long, RGB LED lights can help you go green – not to mention many more colors – year after year!

Our Times Square Cuttable RGB LED Lights puts a wide spectrum of lighting capabilities in your hands, even if you’re new to this technology. Cutting and soldering points are clearly marked along unit (every 3 diodes) and each responds to the RGB LED Remote Controller II.

The Times Square line is available as a rigid RGB LED Light Bar, or as a Waterproof Flexible RGB LED Strip (pictured above).

Our DMX-ready RGB LED Wall Washers are capable of throwing extremely bright, dynamic color-changing light onto large, open spaces – all while using surprisingly little electricity. At 25 Watts, the Model F is our most energy-sipping example available. Its compact form (less than 7 inches across) casts impressive light whether it’s in DMX or standalone mode.

The Model F and all our other DMX RGB Wall Washers are also eligible for our Earth Month Free Shipping promotion! Visit our online store for the coupon code and details.

Here’s to living green – and saving green – year-round!

LED Light Strips, Wall Washers and Rail Lights on Sale!

Eagle-eyed shoppers may have noticed several new American-made exclusive LED light bulbs rolling out of our online store (more on those later). To keep up with these new additions, we’re continually adding to our LED Clearance section. Check out these freshly marked down items!

The Ottawa is a UL listed flexible LED light strip that can go underwater. Available in 19.5 foot sections in either warm white (~3500K) or cool white (~6000K). For $99, that’s a whole lot of LEDs.
We’ve also added the Fifth Avenue High Power LED Wall Washer to our Clearance section! Sturdy, simple, and with a built-in driver, this light bar connects directly to 120v AC. High brightness at only $210.

While we’re on the subject of lighting clearance, head over to our sister store at All Rail Lights are 75% off! These 120v fixtures add effortless style and modernity to hotels, restaurants or home constructions.

We offers discounts by quantity on everything we sell, so give us a call at 1(800) 986-0169 if you’re starting a big project. Together, LED Waves and Light Waves Concept are dedicated to providing the best values to you, our valuable customers.

LED Wall Washers – High Impact Meets Low Wattage

spooky Halloween Light Emitting Diode ghostsHappy Halloween!

You’ve probably seen some examples of holiday-appropriate mood lighting lately, and there’s better way to create these effects than with LED wall washers.

Check out these recent additions to our selection!

The Model E is a DMX-ready wall washer with 12 powerful RGB LEDs. Its protection rating of IP65 makes it perfect for colorful outdoor building illumination.

The Model F is a round DMX-ready wall washer, also outdoor rated. 18 RGB LEDs are crammed into this small package to produce a surprising range of effects.

No matter what mood you’d like to create, we have the perfect LED lighting solution for you! Call the LED Waves Specialists at 1(800)986-0169. Discounts by quantity apply to our entire product line. Order your next top “Model” today!

Beginner and Advanced LED Controllers + FREE SHIPPING

From homeowners to building managers, LED Waves fulfills lighting needs across all industries, with quality and affordability in mind. To that end, we try to carry at least a little something for everybody. And if you’re a professional lighting engineer (or just an avid fan) you’ll probably find that “something” in our line of LED Controllers!

Advanced LED users look to the DMX Controller II. This unit comes loaded with tons of features including a memory cache for power failure, more DMX channels and programmable scenes than you probably need, and built-in microphone which allows you to unify sound and light. Its appealing array of colorful buttons, slides and a joystick bring home the fact that this is truly a fun toy for any lighting engineer.

For the less initiated, the RGB Remote Controller 3.0 is satisfying addition to your multicolor LED light bars or strips. Compatible with either 12VDC or 24VDC systems, this unit allows you to change colors (white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, cyan, purple) and is capable of 8 different levels of dimming. And since it operates on radio waves, the remote controller transmits signals even when it’s not aimed at the receiving unit. This is user friendly LED controlling at its best.

We’re also continuing our free shipping offer for orders over $75. Restrictions apply; check out for coupon code and details or call 1(800)986-0169 and speak to an LED Specialist. Together, we’ll help bring your LED lighting project to the next level!

The LED Lamp of the Future + FREE SHIPPING

LEDs represent the most efficient and versatile lighting in the market right now. They are also the focus of the most lighting research and design, which is in turn opening limitless new applications for the future. Nowhere is this shift better illustrated than in this new lamp available from LED Waves!

The Multicolor LED Magic Lamp is a spherical wall washer with an AC adapter. In its off state and resting on its base, it looks sort of like a metallic jellyfish in a crystal ball. When you turn it on, though, you are treated to a spectacular LED light show! The Magic Lamp comes with a user-friendly remote control that allows you to adjust the color and speed of effects. Truly, this is one crystal ball that shows you the future – of lighting! After testing and playing with the Magic Lamp at length, we think it would be a great fixture to enhance DJ booths, bars, nightclubs, and virtually any contemporary retail setting.

Don’t forget about our special offer this month – Enjoy free shipping on any order over $75. (FedEx Ground, continental US only.) Enter coupon code AUGUST75 at checkout online or mention it while ordering over the phone. This code is valid until August 31, 2011.

Check out the specs for the Magic Lamp and our other LED wall washers online, or call 1(800)986-0169 for more information. As always, the LED Waves sales team is happy to assist you with custom orders, pricing by quantity, and technical questions, so don’t hesitate if you see LED lighting in your future!

My Favorite LED Light Bulb – the Mires E26

The Mires E26 is an exceptional lamp: half LED light bulb, half LED wall-washer. Admittedly, it’s one of our “weirder” looking items – definitely not for everyone. But this is actually my personal favorite LED light bulb (TMI explanation below) so it was shocking for me to see it in the LED Waves Clearance section. For the almost insulting price of $12.95, no less! I already have a few Mires screwed in around my home, and I can’t justify buying out the rest of the inventory for myself since the LEDs last so dang long. Plus, my tiny apartment lacks storage space for spares.
And so, as painful as it might be to share what feels like my own “little secret”, I figure I might as well try to move the remaining Mires LED light bulbs as quickly as I can. It’s like ripping off a bandage.
First of all, it is important for me to have LED light bulbs because my apartment has a “railroad” setup. For those of you who haven’t experienced the joys of tenement living, this means that the rooms are configured in a straight line. Picture living in a long hallway punctuated by the occasional natural light-blocking wall. Since all but two rooms have no windows, the lights are on virtually whenever anyone is home and active, even during the daylight hours. So the energy bill savings with LED lights right there are a huge selling point for me.

Now, the Mires LED light bulb has this easy to adjust, swivelling head. A suprisingly strong, wide beam of warm light – comparable to a 60 Watt incandescent bulb - shoots out from the panel on one side. Again, this is where the function of the Mires is essential for my particular application: Screwed into the weird sideways-facing E26 sockets on my kitchen ceiling, LED panel aimed face down, the Mires is not wasting any lumens on lighting the ceiling above. Plus, the strangely high ceilings of my apartment don’t seem to diminish the light output at all.
The Mires has exposed LEDs, which may look off-putting to OG lighting enthusiasts, but happens to appeal to my inner tech geek. It helps reinforce the fact that this LED light bulb won’t suffer a premature full-scale failure from mishandling like what would happen with an incandescent or CFL light bulb; at worst, some isolated LEDs – out of the 90 in total - may go dim.
As I said earlier, the Mires E26 LED light bulb is not for everyone. It’s shaped funny due to its wall washer-ness. (You can also get the Mires with a GX24 base, which I’m told has to do with its intended wall-washer utility.) With my apartment and its sideways-facing bulb sockets, the Mires’ peculiarities offer exactly what I need in a light bulb. Most people do not share the same particular living situation that I have. And if you do, I’m sorry to hear that, but happy that we can bond over it now.