An Ounce of Prevention for Facility Managers

FM inspectionsRecently, LinkedIn’s Facility Managers Group swapped workplace horror stories in an illuminating  discussion titled, “Stories of Neglect: What have you seen as a Facilities Manager that has been a result of poor maintenance or complete lack(there)of?” We noticed that a recurring theme in the responses was mass shortages of lighting due to failing fixtures that went unreported. These shortages can pose a huge danger for litigation and human life in general.

In these cases, those responsible for facility-wide inspections were often contractors who were unfamiliar with lighting terminology and standards – cleaning professionals, for example. Since many of the LED lights supplied by LED Waves are designed specifically for commercial and industrial buildings, this was of particular interest to us. How can lighting be effectively monitored by untrained personnel?

With filament-based lighting technology – halogen/incandescent – failure is pretty straightforward; the bulb suddenly burns out after a few thousand hours and stays dark until a maintenance worker gets around to replacing it. With gas-based, ballasted lighting technologies, however, failure can be trickier to diagnose.

LED vs MH vs HPS L70By industry standards, a luminaire is considered failed once it produces less than 70% of its initial output (thus the “L70″ references you may see on lighting literature). The ballasted lighting technologies most commonly seen in large buildings – fluorescent, HID, sodium, metal halide – decrease in lumen output exponentially shortly after being installed. (Fluorescent lights are especially bad, strobing and changing color noticeably as they near the end of their useful lives.)

Like the above lighting technologies, LED lights decrease their lumen output over time. Unlike the above, however, they don’t hit the dreaded 70% mark for 30,000 to 50,000 hours of operation – so inspections by qualified personnel, using proper equipment, can be scheduled fewer and farther between.

As LED lighting and controls get smarter, these inspections may fall out of human jurisdiction altogether in our lifetime – freeing up time for facility managers to prevent other stories of neglect.

The Genesys LED T8 Tube and New Years Eve

Photo Credit: Countdown Entertainment via Times Square Alliance

Here’s a bit of trivia for those of you who plan to watch the Times Square ball drop tonight: The LEDs inside the iconic sphere are brought to us by Philips – which happens to be the same manufacturer of the 96 diodes inside the Genesys 3.0 LED T8 Tube.

The Genesys is a 4 foot fluorescent tube replacement, designed and assembled in the USA exclusively by LED Waves. We picked Philips based on the brand’s quality, and specified the Luxeon M line for its highly consistent flux and light color – traits which were sorely lacking in LED T8s we’ve seen from market competitors.

This consistency between LEDs to another is assured by the line’s Freedom from Binning program. And speaking of Freedom, we also offer two driver options for you to choose from (20W and 38W), depending on your lighting and power needs. Both versions of the Genesys provide more useful lumens than a fluorescent tube, due to the directionality of LED light.

Enjoy dropping that knowledge bomb on your fellow partygoers tonight, as the LED ball drops! Have a great New Year.

Thanksgiving 2013 LED Lighting Sale Starts TODAY

LED Waves is celebrating Thanksgiving with a sitewide sale – so you don’t have to sleep outside our lighting showroom or maul your fellow holiday shoppers to participate. And our offer starts today, giving you a head start on all your Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday savings.

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How One LED T8 Outperforms Two or More Fluorescent Tubes

We’re really excited about the upcoming changes to our LED T8 tube, as mentioned in the previous post. We think the hyper efficient new LUXEON chips, as well as the two power levels, will make it easy for users replace their fluorescent lights with the Genesys 3.0 in their 4 foot troffer and low bay fixtures.

Genesys One LED T8 replaces two fluorescent tubesYou might have wondered about the lumen output of the Genesys 3.0, and how the product functions as a one-for-two fluorescent tube replacement. This is another application in which the directionality of LED technology is key: Since T8 tubes are typically installed as downlights – in recessed troffers in the ceiling, or hanging down in 2×4 low bay fixtures – it doesn’t make sense for them to cast light in every direction outwards from the tube. This renders a direct lumen comparison between fluorescent and LED T8 tubes irrelevant. See the diagram below:

Genesys LED T8 more useful lumens than fluorescent tubeOnly 120 degrees (out of 360) reaches the useful areas of the room – you know, where people and the things we use can be found. The other 240 degrees of light bounces around the ceiling, fixture, and elsewhere above our heads, and are therefore considered wasted.

Whether you get the 20 Watt or the 38 Watt version of the Genesys 3.0 LED T8, you’re cutting down lumen waste from fluorescent lighting by two thirds. Replacing multiple tubes in a low bay/troffer fixture? Even better. These savings, combined with the ten times longer lifespan (without the flicker and lumen depreciation from fluorescent tubes nearing end-of-life) make the Genesys 3.0 a valuable asset for your home or business.


New Chips & Light Options Coming to Our LED T8 Tube

LED Waves is pleased to unveil some exciting changes coming to our exclusive 4 foot LED T8 tube light. Coming soon: The Genesys 3.0 with Philips LUXEON M Series LEDs.

These chips come to us from the same makers of the LEDs in the Times Square New Years Eve ball. The LED Waves R&D team choose the M Series 3535L for its high lumens-per-Watt and CRI.

It’s also subject to the brand’s “Freedom from Binning” program to provide noticeably consistent flux and Kelvin color temperature from every LED, regardless of bin number.

We’re still using 96 diodes per 48″ LED tube to deliver bright, smooth, unpixellated light. That’s what sets the Genesys, along with our other American-made exclusive products, apart from the competition: It’s LED lighting that is as easy on the eyes as it is on your bank account.

Genesys LED T8 Tube with Philips Luxeon LEDs

The Genesys 3.0 is available with one of two LED drivers of your choice, which is used in place of your fluorescent ballast and comes bundled to the tube for easy installation. Choose your power level depending on your lighting and electricity needs:

  • 20 Watt (for more energy savings over fluorescent lighting)
  • 38 Watt (for higher brightness – over 2,500 useful lumens)

Our new 3535L-studded LED T8 tubes will be ready to ship next month. In the meantime, stay posted for more updates – including a pre-order discount – on the Genesys 3.0!

Labor Day Sale – Last Day!

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