Brighter Colors, Happier Retailer$ With LED Spot Lights

By now many retailers are aware that switching to energy efficient, long-lasting LED spot light bulbs saves money through reduced electric bills and re-lamping costs. But have you ever considered how adopting solid state technology can also make your store more money?

Claudia Robert of the EHI Retail Institute researches lighting systems for retailers. “Light keeps customers longer and stimulates their purchasing behavior,” she explained at this year’s Light+Building show. Since LEDs provide a more focused light, with enhanced controls for visibility, it’s no surprise that this technology is spreading so quickly in retail locations worldwide.

And it’s not just smoke in mirrors: LED lights actually do help preserve colors. The Hagemeyer Fashion House, a department store based in Germany, reported that their previous lights contributed to product fading. (This phenomenon has also been noticed in non-LED-lit food displays for grocery stores.) The heat output didn’t help matters, either, as operating director Martin Heinzmann said that staff sweated non-stop in the summer. Who wants to buy discolored clothing from sweaty, unhappy salespeople – all while bathed in depressing light?

Not fans of Uniqlo's signature brightly-hued wares, that's for sure!

Thanks to LED technology, this retailer is enjoying “feel-good lighting” with “better color reproduction” – not to mention more money in the bank.

via techfever