LED Street Lights in Dangerous Areas Are a Godsend

LED street lights replaced eleven high pressure sodium lamps in Newhallville, CT, last week, reports the New Haven Independent. The upgrade was the result of Project Lighten Up – a community effort to reduce crime through better illumination. There were 25 recently reported murders in the area.

Project organizer Minister Donald Morris was joined by other local religious leaders at the daytime “opening ceremony” for the new LED street lights. Electrician Fernando Casanova mimicked nighttime by covering the top of a newly installed lamp at the corner of Lilac and Newhall. This activated the sensor, causing brilliant white LED light to spill out over the crowd gathered below.

Demand for LED street lights is spreading quickly around the world due to their energy savings and long lifespans (both of which translate to lower maintenance costs for the public) as well as increased visibility in high-crime areas. So while it’s not uncommon to read about ceremonies like this one, wherein the person presiding declares “Let there be Light,” it’s amusing to hear it coming from an actual clergy member. It sounds like these LED lights are a true godsend.