LED Panel Light: A Window of Illumination

The LED Panel Light is a rectangular frame of illumination that embodies everything stylish LED products represent. Featuring a sturdy and sleek aluminum frame, the lights are designed to not simply illuminate space, but to create it. From stylish nightclubs to hip eateries to the offices of Fortune 500 companies, the LED Panel Light is poised to make a tremendous splash in the worlds of architecture and design.

Whether its recreating a window-scape in your bedroom or radiantly bursting down an office corridor with LED illumination, the LED Panel Light outshines its competition with 72 half-watt Cree LEDs that show no “hot spot” anywhere on the lamp’s 21 inch by 21 inch lighting area. For this sort of quality and steadfast illumination, only Cree LEDs can deliver that luminosity to equally spread out the LED beams evenly and beautifully. The panel light comes with mounting hardware and a 24 volt AC adapter, so setting up the gorgeous display is as easy as 1-2-3! With 36 total watts of operating power, this LED light won’t tax your electricity bill either; the energy efficient panel light will deliver 50,000 hours of low-energy, bright and beautiful light.

The LED Panel Light can be used for general overhead office illumination to bathe your workplace in bright LED lighting that is leaps and bounds ahead of artificial, buzzing fluorescent lights. Recessed lighting has never been so convenient or breathtaking! The panel light can also be used as back illumination for your company logo or any other image. Just place a translucent image over the panel light and the lamp becomes an instant illuminated sign!

You can set up multiple LED Panel Lights side-by-side as well, for an illuminating “wall panel” effect that is simply out-of-this world! The solid construction of the panel lights ensures that the lamps won’t warp either, no matter where you choose to display these gorgeous lights. The neutral white lights operate at 4000 – 4500K color temperature to recreate natural light at its most spectacular. This panel light is the dream of light designers, homeowners, and architects everywhere: an aluminum picture frame that streams light forth like a square translucent sun!

LED Panel Lights – changing the world, one wall at a time!

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